50th Anniversary Meet Special Rules

The 50th Anniversary Meet Committee has recommended, and the membership has approved, a special package of rules that will be in effect for the duration of the meet. These rules are being put in place for the benefit of our guests and members:

  • No grills (ILS will be providing meals throughout the meet, support your club!)
  • No pets (exceptions may be made for out-of-town guests)
  • Proper dress (no bare feet, shirts/T-shirts for men)
  • ILS members are asked not to take out or run their equipment until Sunday as a courtesy to our out-of-town engineers. (The reason for this is to provide as much space as possible for visitors’ equipment on the mainline, sidings, steaming bays, etc.) Exceptions will be made for members that provide rides for the general public (not just family & friends). Thursday through Saturday, contact a “Safety Crew Member” (yellow hat) to determine if rail traffic can handle additional member equipment before taking anything out.
  • Allow watchmen for overnight stays Thu-Fri-Sat (watch visitors/vendors equipment)
  • Trains are limited to 40 feet of rolling stock maximum (helps reduce traffic congestion)
  • All ILS members that plan on attending the 50th meet are asked to sign-up to volunteer for at least 2 hours each visiting day. (We need at least 11 volunteers each hour during the entire meet).