The ILS will be again participating in the All American Railroad Show on Saturday, March 24th 2018.  The event is held every year by NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) at the Lyons Township High School in Downtown LaGrange.   This is a great event where model railroading clubs from all over the Chicago area come out to display layouts and recruit new members.   If you are thinking about getting involved or just want to see some equipment up close please drop by.

Measured in 1" scale there was 14' of snow fell at the ILS forcing the cancellation of the February membership meeting.    While a diligent effort was made over the entire weekend to keep the lot clear,  the last batch of snow overnight was just too much.  

Here are some pictures from Sunday morning:

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Another season of operation is coming to a close which means its time for our annual Halloween run October 28th from 3 -8pm.     There will be a costume contest for the kids along with spooky decorations all over the property.   Be sure to stay for a trip around after dark to see the ghouls under the lights.   Dinner this year will be brats and hot dogs for a $5 contribution.   

If you are attending we ask that you be with a club member when coming onto the property.  Visitors from other live steam organisations or those interested in membership can contact us using the contact form in this site.  See you there!!

Just in time for the 50th we have a new motorized turnout for the improved 1" service siding.  With two treated water spigots and enough room for two full trains we will be able to keep the mainline clear for increased traffic during runs and the meet.

The 3/4" project is a is a complete rebuild of our 3/4 high-line for our guests at the 50th meet.  When the ILS was founded the first track was the 3/4" which you can see in our history section.  Our 3/4" uses 1/2" rail and is dual-gauged for both 3/4" and G operation.  We are looking forward to being part of the renewed interest in these smaller scales which offer all the fun of live steam with a lower cost and a more manageable size.

August 7, 2017

What goes around comes around when it comes to 3/4" track at the ILS.   The stringers are all in place and the track is being leveled and aligned  Now the only question remaining is who gets the first run!!