Hello and thank you for checking in at the official website of the Illinois Live Steamers.   It's a new year and many of our members are taking a break as the snow falls, or busy preparing equipment for the upcoming season.    Soon we will have some more photos and stories about the 2018 season and more info on what will be happening in 2019.   Here are a few highlights!!

  1.  The ILS Builders Club is almost through it's first year and we are still working on the format.   Presently we meet after the Sunday membership meetings each month and we plan on at least one prepared presentation along with a round table Q&A to discuss projects.  We encourage all model engineers who are interested in the Builders Club to participate,  our meetings are open to non-members.  Contact the corresponding secretary for more information.   
  2. .  We will be appearing at the Great American Railroad Show at the Lyons Township High School in LaGrange on March 23rd.   Please come by and say hi!
  3.  The calendar for the 2019 season has been finalized and the site will be updated shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

Hope you all are staying ahead of the weather and look forward to the spring!