The Illinois Live Steamers Fiftieth Anniversary Meet

August 17,18,19,20, 2017

As most ILS members know, Ray Evers built a beautiful 1.5 inch caboose to be sold or auctioned off as a fund raiser for the club.  He built two others.  One he lettered for the B&O because his family worked for that railroad.   The model even included a sink with running water.

Ray wanted to model of a particular step for the caboose.   He said getting the pieces fabricated for them cost more than the trucks did.


Dan Miotti (on the left with his beautiful Daylight) was the meet chairman.  He did a great job.

Jim Schmitt from Northern Michigan brought his beautiful one inch Southern Railway 4-8-2, along with four heavyweight passenger cars.  It took him twelve years to build the engine and fifteen years to build the cars.



The one inch bunch came in from Omaha.  Jessie has a very nice Southern Ry 2-8-2 ala 4501.  He was running it on Thursday when the eccentric strap for the axle pump shattered.  ILS member, Dave Smith, was kind enough to take the pieces home that night and rebuild it. This is Thursday afternoon after the breakdown.  It’s always a good idea to bring a spare engine if you run steam.

  Nathan Reed brought his Atlantic with passenger cars.


Jim Culver, a regular at the St. Croix Railroad, brought his 2-6-2 and freight cars to run on the 1".


And from St Louis  a 4-3/4 gauge K-27.  It was so new that the paint was just barely dry when he loaded it up to come.

Stan Hepler's narrow gauge Cli-Shay on the 4-3/4” track from Indiana.  His freight cars and caboose were very nice.

Dan’s Daylight is always a star.  Chuckie Olejniczak and the 4454 have adopted each other.


When John Mills brings the 6620, everybody drools.